Jessica Lippe

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Media Services

Travel Writing and Consultation:

One of my favorite past times is travel. I simply love discovering new experiences. While I do appreciate the glitz and glam of tourist traps, I am usually a simple traveler. I tend to travel solo and slowly. I love exploring what others often miss, which is probably why some of my common activities include geocaching and finding crazy roadside attractions. Whether it's a bike ride through a bustling city, or a drive down a country road, I know that travel is one of life's best investments, and I want to express this to others!

I currently offer travel reviewing and consultation to interested accommodations and attractions. For more information on this, please click on the "Travel" tab.

General Writing:

I am a freelance writer with over 100 articles published, with various topics such as teen and young adult life, Christianity, camping, and travel. My work has been included in the following publications:

-Sisterhood (formerly Susie) Magazine

-Devozine (advisory board 2009/2010)

-Camp Business (guest editor 2014)

-Character Building Ministries

-The Christian Journal

-Shine Brightly

-Next Step Magazine


-Insight Magazine

-And many more!

Contact Jessica for reprint permission of any previously published articles, or for customized articles that fit your publication's needs.