Jessica Lippe

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Please pardon the dust as this site is under construction. Stay tuned for updates and new features! Thank you.

Thank you for visiting this page and being part of my journey. I am a traveler born and raised in Southern Oregon, but my adventures have also allowed me to live in California, Nebraska, and Ohio. I became a freelance writer at the age of seventeen because it sounded better than flipping burgers part-time! It turned out to be a great career choice for me, though, and I've stuck with it ever since. I also worked my way across the United States and certainly have a bad case of the travel but that I just can't shake! My travel goals include visiting all 50 states, backpacking through Europe, and eventually going to all the continents, including Antarctica. 

I would like to help you out as you join me on my journey. Whether it's writing an article for your publication, reviewing your accommodation, or being a part of your event, I'm there! Use this website to contact me and gain further resources on my services. Thanks!